About Us:

Carr’s Supplements is an innovation leader across Agriculture, offering a comprehensive range of supplements for all classes of livestock. Part of Carr’s Group Plc, Carr’s Supplements has grown into a truly international business, with its key brands being found in 28 countries around the world. Brands include farming supplements Crystalyx, Megalix and Megastart as well as our equine brands Horslyx and SmartlickNZ. These molasses supplements are designed to offer livestock the opportunity to perform at their very best by reaching their full genetic potential. Products help to improve overall animal health and enrich the diet of all classes of livestock. With manufacturing sites around the world and an extensive distribution network, Carr’s Supplements benefits from a huge wealth of knowledge sharing and access to the world’s best quality raw materials. Sustainable farming and livestock welfare are among our core values, with continued product research and development at the forefront of our business.


Research and Development :

Carr’s Supplements brands benefit from decades worth of research and development at some of the finest agriculture institutes around the world, such as Ag Research in New Zealand, Newcastle University in the UK and Kansas State University in the USA. Studies have conclusively proved improvements in terms of forage intake and digestion, resulting in improved efficiencies, as well as significant reductions in methane per Kg/DLWG.