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Used and trusted by horse owners around the world, Horslyx Balancers provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements in one easy to use tub.

Horslyx Balancers are made by a unique manufacturing process, using the highest quality ingredients, which results in the premium lick delivering everyday balanced nutritional support for your horse or pony and is ideal for all horses and ponies, both competition and leisure, stabled and grass kept and is even suitable for laminitis prone horses and ponies when fed correctly.

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SmartLick NZ is the smart choice for cost effective feeding a lick to all equines. The convenient 12.5kg tub provides vitamins, minerals and a prebiotic in an easy to use vanilla flavoured block.

The SmartLick manufacturing plant has been producing high quality poured blocks for the agricultural industry for 40 years.

They use only the highest quality raw materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure every product is consistent from the first batch to the last.

Using SmartLick ensures that your horse or pony can access the vitamins and minerals when they need them, providing a natural ‘little and often’ approach to feeding.  For more information on SmartLick NZ please

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